Veterans Advisory Board on Dose Reconstruction    
The final public meeting of the VBDR was held on
July 23, 2013 in Arlington, Virginia.

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VBDR Meeting Photos - Tampa 2005

Photo of DFO Mr Faircloth and Admiral Zimble
Mr. Faircloth (DFO) and Admiral Zimble (VBDR Chairman)

Photo of VBDR Board Members and Staff
VBDR - Front Row L-R (Dr. Al-Nabulsi, Dr. Swenson, Dr. Boice, Dr. Reimann, Dr. Zimble, Mr. Pamperin, Mr. Taylor, Ms. Heister); Back Row L-R (Dr. Blake, Mr. Groves, Mr. Beck, Mr. Voilleque, Mr. Faircloth, Dr. Zeman)

Photo of VBDR Board Members
Board members L-R (Dr. Blake, Mr. Beck, Dr. Boice, Mr. Groves, Dr. Reimann, Dr. Swenson)

Photo of VBDR Board Members and Court Reporter
Board members and Court reporter R-L (Mr. Pamperin, Mr. Voilleque, Dr. Zeman, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Green)

Photo of VBDR Members in discussion with Veterans
Mr. Paul DeGunther (Veteran), Mrs. DeGunther (Mr. Gunther’s wife), Mr. Marro (NTPR), Dr. Blake (NTPR), and Mr. Pamperin (VA)

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